From Our Superintendent

We are so excited about the new school year and would like to share a few Chromebook changes that will hopefully be helpful to parents and teachers. We appreciate the received input from parents on this matter.

  1. We have made the fee structure for broken Chromebooks simpler and cheaper for parents.
  2. We disabled the USB port on Chromebooks so students cannot watch movies or other videos they have saved on flash drives.
  3. All streaming media (video and audio) are blocked from students with the exception of YouTube. We feel that YouTube has too many wonderful educational videos to completely block, so YouTube is still available, but it has been set to the most restrictive viewing level.
  4. All social media (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.) is blocked with the exception of Google Hangouts, which is used by teachers for various assignments and district-level training.
  5. We created a suggestion portal, found below, where parents can share specific web addresses that should be blocked but made it past our iBoss web filter. Parents can also share thoughts and ideas about how we can improve our district technology.

We continue to operate web filtering software designed to keep our students safe, but appreciate any parent input on questionable sites. In addition, parents can request that students keep their Chromebooks at school and not bring them home. If a family has a home computer with Internet access, the student can accomplish everything that they could on their Chromebook. We hope that these changes will improve the use of Chromebooks for our student population and help alleviate some parent concerns.

Feedback and Suggestions

Parents and guardians, we would like to hear from you! If your student is able to access a website that you would prefer was not available, simply type in the website address and press the “Submit” button. We will add the site to the “blocked” list.

We would also like to hear any other suggestions you might wish to share with the technology department!

Google Classroom Assignment Notifications

Did you know that Google Classroom can set you up as a guardian and send you email updates for everything that happens in your student’s classes? All you need to do is send an email to your child’s teachers and request to be set up as a guardian in Google Classroom.

Click the link for the school that your student attends and choose a teacher to send your email address to. The teacher will add your email to Google Classroom and you will receive an email listing assignments that have been given by the teacher of that class. You can find more information about the Google Classroom Email Summaries program online.

To email a teacher, our email addresses are easy to remember. Just type in the teacher’s first initial and last name, followed by “” For example, if the teacher’s name was John Doe, his/her email address would be "” In the message of the email, simply request to be added as a guardian for your student and give the email address you would like to have the summaries sent to. Then send it off! Once the teacher has you set up, you will receive an email asking how often you wish to receive an email summary. It can be every day, week, or month.