St. Johns High School

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Science Lab

The Science Lab in this school was provided in Memory of Joyce Marley Corrigan, with funding from The Kemper and Ethel Marley Foundation and Science Foundation Arizona.

The Mission of SJHS

The mission of St. Johns High School is to build and constantly seek to sustain an environment for each student where they can develop intellectual, social, physical, and emotional skills necessary for academic excellence and success throughout their lives. This environment must be developed and sustained through collaboration with and the combined efforts of all staff, teachers, students, parents, and community. This environment will require hard work, respect, individual accountability, integrity, and dedication by all involved in St. Johns High School.


A Message from Our Principal

Hello St. Johns Community,

My name is Steven Palmer, and I have been lucky enough to be hired as the new principal at St. Johns High School (SJHS).

I am honored by the challenge in front of me to become a part of the legacy that is SJHS. I want to publicly thank Mr. Heap for his years of dedicated service to the school and to the community! He has done so much for the school. I am just barely finding out just how much he did behind the scenes and without need for recognition. He will be missed!

For those new to St. Johns, SJHS serves students in the St. Johns and surrounding areas. One of our main goals is to become a true community. Students and staff alike work alongside one another and the community to ensure we reach our full potential! We want involvement and input from all stakeholders. Thanks to our incredible student body and faculty, we are an “A” rated school!

The challenge of keeping the amazing traditions and achievements of the past and yet finding new and innovative ways to improve is a tall task that I am excited to take on with the collaboration and help of the wonderful faculty and staff here at SJHS! 


Steven Palmer

Mr. Palmer, Principal