St. Johns Middle School

St. Johns Middle School

A Message From Our Principal

Hello St. Johns Community,

My name is Jim Anway, and I am honored to be hired as the new principal at St. Johns Middle School (SJMS).

I am excited to work with the great staff that we have at SJMS to continue to provide a quality education for your children. St. Johns Middle School is a student-centered school for grades four through eight. Our focus is on ensuring all students learn and helping every student acquire knowledge, skills, and dispositions vital to his or her success. We have an outstanding staff at St. Johns Middle School, and we are dedicated to the achievement of our students. At SJMS, our mission is to empower and inspire lifelong learners. We believe in working together to achieve this mission by collaborating with staff, parents, and community members.

St. Johns Middle School consistently excels on state achievement tests from year to year. I would like to recognize our hard-working students, staff, and parents for this achievement. Go SJMS Redskins! I invite you to come visit the school and I am always available to meet with you and talk about what we are doing here at SJMS and any concerns you may have.


Jim Anway
Jim Anway
SJMS Principal

St. Johns Middle School Vision Statement

At St. Johns Middle School we strive to empower and inspire lifelong learners. We believe student success is achieved through focus on the following principles and beliefs:

  • All students have unique talents, abilities, needs, and are capable of learning. 

  • Student expectations: We expect students to be respectful and supportive of others. SJMS students strive to follow the student handbook, the direction of teachers/staff, social contract, and to be kind and supportive of peers.

  • Student learning at SJMS involves coming prepared, growing academically, and being engaged in learning. 

  • Effective curriculum at SJMS includes a variety of materials, technology, and methods with appropriate rigor.

  • SJMS teachers have a growth mindset, work towards attainable and continuing goals, and adhere to the social contract. SJMS teachers collaborate regularly, which allows for open communication and ongoing learning.

We understand that when we work together for student success, everyone achieves more and students are given the opportunity to have endless possibilities for their futures!

SJMS Collective Commitment Statements

The St. Johns Middle School Staff is committed to fulfilling the Mission and Vision of the school and in helping our students have the best education possible. To do so, the SJMS staff has made collective commitments.


Teachers at St. Johns Middle school are committed to collaborating consistently with teams and in creating a culture of peer encouragement and cooperation. Teams are committed to having focused meetings: a focus on learning, a focus on collaboration, a focus on results. 


Teachers at St. Johns Middle School commit to support each student as they persevere in their individual goals and dreams. Teachers will have high expectations for their students and be committed to recognizing student efforts, being positive, and helping students believe in the power of “yet”


Teachers at St. Johns Middle School are committed to using instruction that includes discussion, communication, collaboration, and fun. Teachers are committed to using direct, guided, and independent practice while using a variety of methods and modes of learning. We will give students opportunities to apply, relate, and share their learning and have no permission to forget content. Teachers will be continual learners in both content and methods.



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