Triad Wireless


Over the past year, the school district pursued a grant (the Final Mile Project) that would bring a high-speed internet provider to St. Johns. Our hope in pursuing this grant was to provide an option for high-speed internet for our students in their homes while also giving community members this much-needed option as well. 

In short, after a long process, we were awarded the grant and Triad Wireless (based in Phoenix) has installed towers at each of our schools and is now offering high-speed internet plans to community members. Please checkout the district's Facebook page or Live Feed for Triad Wireless' flyer. You can also call Triad at 602-426-0542 for more information and to sign up.  

A "line of sight" from your house to one of Triad's towers at one of our schools will be needed. If you call Triad Wireless, they can provide more details. Please note that the schools and the district have no control over Triad Wireless or their services. Once you sign up with Triad, you will be dealing only with Triad, not the schools. 

Students who qualify for free or reduced-price lunches and others may qualify for a discount on their internet services through the Affordable Connectivity Program. See website for details:

We hope that this high-speed internet option can be beneficial to some in our community.