From the Handbook!

Just a quick reminder, students should not miss more than 24 days of school in a school year.  We understand that sickness is a lot more prevalent this year, but please do your best to stay healthy, keep your kids healthy, and get them to school as often as possible.  We love your kids and we want them here!  Please do your best to schedule any appointments for after 2:20 pm or on non-school days. 

There seems to be a higher amount of absences on Fridays, more than any other day of the week.  Although Friday is a shortened day of school, it is still an important day.  Most classes are taking assessments.  The results of those assessments guide teacher instruction for the following week.  

Notifying teachers when students have planned absences also help a lot so they can prepare in advanced to get your students any work they will be missing, helping them to not get too far behind the rest of the class.