In an effort to celebrate achievements and successes of our students, we are instituting a Writing Student of the Week
This week, we have Preston Lee who composed a poem that was truly impressive! Here it is:

Wind-wolf hides his name, in schoolyard games he plays,
Peers point and laugh, his heritage a "weird" display.

Native roots run deep, but shame clouds his days. 
Ancestral rhythms silenced, traditions tucked away.

He earns to fit, to blend, within their narrow scope, 
Shunning ancient wisdom, in his quest to cope.

The echoes of his ancestors, once a source of pride,
Now buried deep within him, where they quietly reside.

Yet wind-wolf remember, your heritage shines bright, 
In the stillness of your spirit, and in the quiet of the night. 

Embrace your native roots, let your true self unfurl, 
You're a proud and timeless echo in this ever-spinning world.