Congratulations to Ryan Norton & Michael Bushman for earning the Student Athletes of the Month award! 

In addition to being absolutely incredible students, here is some of what their coaches had to say about them in regards to this award:

Ryan was crucial in our big win in 5 games against Winslow earlier this week!! Her stats from that game are as follows:
155 sets, this means she set up her teammates 155 times without any errors!
3 serving aces, and 100% serve efficiency and a 2.63 out of 3 serve grade, this means she gained three points alone by her serves, and never made a serve error the entire game, her serve grade means she has a very tough serve and the other team could NOT set up a multiple attack offense off her serve which is incredible stat!
15 digs, this is also an incredible stat for a setter to have because most setters only focus on setting up the offense. Ryan was third on the team for digs that night which means when the other team tries to take out the setter by hitting at her, she effectively can dig a ball to still allow an aggressive offense!

Micheal is the epitome of what a student athlete should be.  He is dedicated and diligent in his academics and on the football field. He is a team leader in almost every measurable statistic and always shows up ready to put in the work. However, his talents on the field are not what makes him such an exemplary individual. Micheal makes those around him want to be better. Not by demanding they be, but by being a leader and an example through his actions. Michael is always willing to help his teammates become better students and, through his own academic achievements, demonstrates the characteristics needed to be successful.