One big update on this week’s schedule: Men’s Volleyball Tournament will start @7pm on Wednesday in the gym. $1.00 admission. Bonfire will be straight after the tournament around 8pm. Congrats to Juniors for winning the Powderpuff Tournament! Their class account will be rewarded with the pot - 248 dollars! P.S.Wild West Wednesday is tomorrow.
about 10 hours ago, Brandi Oveson
winning team
most updated homecoming week
Powderpuff tournament tonight @7pm. Gate opens at 630. $1.00 admission (under 5 yrs old are free). Please enter through front gate. Smaller bills appreciated. Proceeds go to winning team/class.
1 day ago, Brandi Oveson
powderpuff roster & program backside
powderpuff roster & program
powderpuff flyer
Attendance to school on Friday, October 7th is mandatory for homecoming festivities!
1 day ago, Shelly Finch
If you are planning on doing a gloat for the homecoming parade and have not filled out the float form, please get with Olivia Wiltbank at or call the office. We don't have a lot of float forms turned in and we want this to be a successful parade! Remember the parade will follow the same route as last year!
1 day ago, Shelly Finch
Thank you to everyone who donated blood last week! Vitalant was able to collect 122% of their goal!!
1 day ago, SJHS
This week at a glance...
1 day ago, Deanne Wahl
22-23 Wood war off to a start! Senior Houstan Hitchcock brings the first trailer load.
4 days ago, Regina Hitchcock
wood war
wood war
Thanks to Mrs. Hitchcock’s willingness, we’re extending Wood War drop off until 2pm.
5 days ago, Brandi Oveson
Accepting wood for the wood war until 1pm TODAY. All drop-off’s appreciated.
5 days ago, Brandi Oveson
Updated Homecoming Week schedule!
6 days ago, Brandi Oveson
The Homecoming Parade will be next Friday, October 7th. We will be following the same route as last year, starting from the middle school and ending at the park. See map for more details.
8 days ago, Kyle Patterson
parade route
The Fine Arts event tonight has been CANCELLED due to major leaks caused by the rain.
8 days ago, SJHS
Each year our high school needs parents to complete the Title I Parent Satisfaction survey as we are a beneficiary of a Title I grant. We ask that each household completes this as soon as possible by clicking the link Thank you!
9 days ago, Shelly Finch
First-ever Arizona Assessment conference, 2022. Mrs. Hitchcock, district test coordinator, is here learning how to best prepare students for Arizona’s state assessments and how to use that data to drive instruction and improve our schools’ rankings!
9 days ago, Regina Hitchcock
AAC 2022
St. John’s FFA students learn food safety and preservation techniques through making food! Pickled peppers and garden-fresh salsa made from produce that came from advisor Mrs. Hitchcock’s garden! Let us know if YOU need your garden harvested and processed!
9 days ago, Regina Hitchcock
picked peppers
R Lazy J hosted St. Johns FFA students on a fun safari field trip! R Lazy J has purchased many 4H and FFA goat, sheep, and hog projects over the last several years, and we love that support!
9 days ago, Regina Hitchcock
kayleece and houstan
Homecoming is just around the corner. Get ready! And guys, if you haven’t done so already, get yourself a date!
11 days ago, Brandi Oveson
wood war
homecoming dance
spirit days
homecoming week overview
Volleyball Girls are spending their weekend at ASU/Epic Tournament! Go Fight Win!
12 days ago, Shelly Finch
Students create analogies to model the hierarchical organization of life in Mrs. Hitchcock’s biology class!
12 days ago, Regina Hitchcock
Last week Mrs. Hilliard from Vitalant met with NHS students to discuss next week's blood drive. Arizona is experiencing low blood supplies. our blood drive next week is the perfect time to donate and save a life.
13 days ago, Mrs. Kelley
blood drive flyer